Virtual Assistants Are The Right Kind Of People For Your Business
Do you have a Virtual Assistant?  Are Virtual Assistants the right kind of people for your business?

One of the keys to successfully expanding your business is having the right kind of people in place.   Taking on staff can be a considerable challenge with  many added costs.  Given the fact that the expense of manpower can account for as much as 80% of all costs, it comes as no surprise that business owners face a quandary when it comes of ensuring that they have the necessary skilled labour essential to expanding their business.

Taking on new staff can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, often fraught with pitfalls.   For starters you need a clear job description in mind, you then face the hassle of having to look for the right person.  There’s always the option of using a recruitment company to filter out candidates and help you to find the best staff but they will charge you around 25% of the annual salary of your new employee.  How many other costs are associated with taking on a new staff member?

As business owners know only too well, it’s not “just” about the actual wage or salary itself. Other things that need to be taken into consideration in addition to payroll are; employers NI contributions, pension, the cost of holidays, sickness, maternity etc.   Let’s not forget the overheads associated with the employee’s workstation and then there’s the consumables.   Calculating all of this can more than double the initial cost of the employee’s salary alone.

Do you have enough actual work to justify taking on a new member of staff for 40 hours or so per week on an ongoing basis?  If not, are you going to be able to find someone with the skillset that allows you to allocate more than just a specific set of tasks to them?

In today’s economic climate, businesses face tighter margins and the need to justify every penny spent.

With so much at stake, it comes as no surprise that business owners are reluctant to take on new staff.  Just imagine going through the whole hiring process to then be faced with the realisation that the new employee isn’t as competent as you’d thought, or for other reasons that things simply just didn’t work out.  Not only are you burdened with the costs associated with the recruitment and training of your new employee but you are now losing money due to a lack of productivity and are also facing the prospect of repeating the whole process again.

Considering all of the above pitfalls, it’s no wonder that turning to a Virtual Assistant is a much simpler and more palatable alternative.  The Virtual Assistant will be by definition fully trained, skilled and competent.  Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant will leave you free from worrying about endless overheads and questionable productivity.

If you want the work completed, carefully and meticulously and on time with fully transparent costs then outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is the way to go.

Have you outsourced to a Virtual Assistant?